Residential Sidewalk


By City Ordinance, owners of real property within the City of Macon are responsible for construction and maintenance of residential sidewalks on their property. For properties located in the downtown district, residential sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner having frontage.

Despite the responsibility for residential sidewalks lying with the property owner, Macon strives to assist its citizens through a residential sidewalk replacement program.  When financial resources allow, the City of Macon will undertake this Program and offer participation on a 50/50 cost share basis covering residential sidewalk replacement costs.

The City of Macon will undertake this program based upon the following guidelines:

  1. The city clerk will publish in a newspaper of general circulation, notice of application for the residential sidewalk repair and replacement program to the general public.  Interested parties shall make application to the city clerk within a time frame designated by the City.
  2. The Public Grounds Director will inspect all residential sidewalks that have been set forth as a result of the application process.
  3. Residential sidewalks will be selected based on the recommendation of the Public Grounds Director and available financial resources.
  4. The City of Macon will solicit formal bids on the selected residential sidewalks for the current fiscal year whereby the successful Contractor will remove the existing residential sidewalk and perform all work related to the construction of the new replacement residential sidewalk. Based upon the received bids and available financial resources, the City of Macon will participate with the selected property owners on a 50/50 cost share basis to cover the cost of work.

To inquire about the Residential Sidewalk Program, please call City Hall at 660-385-6421